tpc_senior_bench_smallerBorn in Thomas Peter Cafora’s small radio shop in 1935, in the old Bullshead section of Bridgeport, Connecticut, TPC Associates has always been a forward-looking technology provider, focused on helping customers make the most of their technology acquistions. In the early days, Cafora called his business Radio Center, focusing on sales and service of radios to individuals and businesses.

When television arrived on the scene during the war years, Cafora embraced the fledgling multimedia technology and changed the company’s name to Radio TV Center. TVs were a prized commodity and hard to come by at first, but Cafora was so excited about television’s potential that he wanted everyone to enjoy it. Legend has it that during an important prize fight, Cafora let neighborhood passersby enjoy the proceedings from his storefront window. The crowd quickly grew so large that local police eventually had to break it up.

During the 1950s Cafora broadened the focus of his business becoming a more full-service communications technology provider. The product line grew to include language lab technology, AV products and services (including early work on media retrieval), healthcare communications (nurse call) and fire alarms.

During the 1960s and 70s, Cafora’s son, Thomas Peter Cafora Jr. joined the business and helped expand and solidify TPC, building out new expertise in fire alarms and professional sound installations. During this era, TPC established key relationships with Edwards Systems Technology (EST) and Rauland-Borg Corporation, cornerstone product lines in the firm’s emerging technology portfolio.

In 1984, Thomas P. Cafora III joined the business. The third-generation Cafora, provided new energy and leadership that allowed TPC to continue its innovative tradition while preparing the firm for the new technologies it would deliver. Tom is now President.

The firm incorporated as TPC Associates, Inc. in 1989 and has since continued to grow and expand its capabilities. Now serving the healthcare, education, commercial and institutional marketplaces, TPC brings a unique cohesive approach to communications and life safety technology. From integrated life safety products like Edwards’ EST3 platform, to Rauland-Borg’s wireless-enabled healthcare communications, to IP-based telecommunication products by Ascom, TPC is helping customers make the most of new technology options while leveraging the investments they’ve already made.