TPC Systems Appoints Tim O’Malley as Vice President and Division Manager, Healthcare Systems

Milford, CT—November 28, 2022—TPC Systems, a convergence technology leader providing specialized communication systems to healthcare and other industries, is pleased to announce the hiring of Tim O’Malley as the company’s new Vice President and Division Manager of Healthcare Systems.

An experienced medical technology executive, Mr. O’Malley has helped companies such as EarlySense/HillRom, ZOLL Medical Systems, Medwave, Inc., and Siemens Medical Solutions to increase their market penetration, market share, revenue, and margins by developing and implementing strategic marketing and sales plans. As Vice President and Division Manager of Healthcare Systems at TPC Systems, he will be applying his deep medical technology knowledge and sales experience to helping TPC Systems expand its healthcare business, building on the company’s existing portfolio of healthcare solutions and professional services and driving the adoption of new healthcare technologies.

“I look forward to joining TPC and expanding their healthcare technology practice,” said Tim O’Malley, Vice President and Division Manager, Healthcare Systems, at TPC Systems. “TPC is a leader in convergence technology implementation in the Northeast, and I’m excited to increase their presence in hospitals and healthcare facilities by growing the healthcare salesforce and introducing new patient-focused healthcare technologies to new and existing customers. I believe that there is an opportunity to leverage existing customer sites with new technologies, as well as to offer complimentary technology solutions across our product lines.”

“TPC is a family business that has been a trusted provider of superior solutions and services for healthcare and other industries for over 85 years,” explained TPC Systems Owner Tom Cafora. “So it was important to us to find the right candidate to lead our healthcare systems practice, someone who could both work with our existing hospital customers while seeking out new customers and solutions. Tim was that candidate. With his in-depth knowledge of medical technologies and experience leading commercial and technical teams, we are confident he will be able to expand TPC’s reach in the healthcare space and reinforce the company’s reputation as a market leader in providing patient-focused technology solutions and services.”

About TPC Systems
A leader in convergence technologies, TPC Systems has an over 85-year legacy of implementing best-in-class communication and safety solutions to healthcare, education, commercial, and institutional customers located in the Northeastern United States. For more information about TPC Systems, visit or contact TPC at 203-878-1321 or

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TPC Systems Appoints Fred Paoletti as Executive Vice President to Continue its Long-Standing Legacy

Milford, CT—June 16, 2021—TPC Systems, a convergence technology leader in specialized communication systems, adds a new leader to further position the company for the future.

Fred Paoletti has recently joined the team in a full-time capacity as Executive Vice President to lead the day-to-day operations of TPC. Over the last decade Paoletti has held operational leadership roles overseeing construction, technology implementations, facilities, and communication integrations. This experience will support TPC’s focus on delivering converged technology with exceptional customer care.

“My previous roles have given me experience managing numerous technology and construction projects, giving me an understanding from the TPC customers’ point of view. I look forward to combining this vantage point and long-term knowledge of the TPC team to deliver technology solutions that assist our customers while preparing their operations and businesses for the future.” Fred Paoletti, Executive Vice President, TPC.

“Fred has spent the last year, serving in a business consulting role learning our customers, company, and industry. With his insight and experience, now is the right time to transition him into this new role.” Tom Cafora, Owner. “I am excited as we look toward the future that Fred will be taking TPC into 100 years of business, leading the 4th generation of TPC’s legacy.”

Focused on changes in the industry, the vision for the future, and to keep continuity in the business, owner Tom Cafora will remain in a strategic capacity as President and CEO.

About TPC Systems
Focused on their niche, TPC Systems has spent nearly 85+ years building a legacy of local support combined with implementing best-in-class technologies. The TPC team of experts works closely with their customers on ways to deliver technology solutions that are focused on creating high quality patient care and life safety environments for healthcare, education, commercial, and institutional industries throughout the Northeast United States. For more information about TPC Systems visit or contact TPC at 203-878-1321 or

Swiftly Supporting Hospitals with Solutions that Help Fight the Spread of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to rock the country and place health systems under significant strain. To take on a higher number of caseloads and effectively distance and monitor infected patients, many hospitals have had to quickly create pressure-monitored isolation areas out of rooms usually used for other purposes.

That’s been the case for a large network of hospitals in New York, which remains an epicenter of the outbreak. The healthcare system needed a solution to monitor the air pressure in spaces that were being transformed to become isolation rooms. The technology had to offer a seamless installation, integrate with existing network infrastructure and be easy for facility and patient care staff to use.

Expediting Sensor Delivery and Working Hand in Hand Every Step of the Way

The New York health system had an established relationship with Primex and our sales partner. Several of its hospitals were using OneVue synchronized clocks, so the organization was familiar with Primex’s advanced solutions and our reliable and knowledgeable customer-first support services. Because we had already worked with the organization’s IT group and had experience with its network, the health system saw Primex as a valued partner that could deliver a OneVue Monitoring solution to them quickly. So, they turned to us for help.

Our team overnighted a sample OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensor to the health system. We also worked with the organization’s IT group to quickly ensure the sensor worked with the existing network and that the facilities team could easily install sensors throughout its buildings.

The health system saw success almost immediately and ordered 100 sensors for four of its New York City hospitals. Again, Primex overnighted a shipment. In fact, to ensure these hospitals received their critical equipment as soon as possible, a member of our facilities administration team tracked down the FedEx driver to personally deliver the sensors to the driver and ensure they made it into the overnight shipping que that day.

Over the next few days, as hospitals in the health system expanded their number of isolation rooms floor by floor, several placed additional orders for sensors, as they needed to quickly and seamlessly convert their spaces. In total, 318 sensors have been ordered, and Primex is expediting delivery to the hospitals.

Immediate Benefits and a Long-Term Investment

As sensors are being installed, stakeholders across the health system are seeing instant benefits. Immediate feedback has been that facility management teams are praising the sensors’ ease of installation, while nurses and other users appreciate the intuitive reporting and alerting functions the OneVue platform provides.

In addition, Primex is already working with the health system to ensure its investment of the sensors isn’t short-lived. We’re all hopeful that the COVID-19 outbreak subsides soon. When it does, and hospitals require fewer pressure-monitored isolation rooms, the sensors will be easy to uninstall and reinstall elsewhere, such as operating rooms, intensive care units and other critical care environments. Just as easily and swiftly as they’re being put to use in a time of crisis, they will be able to be repurposed for other pressure monitoring needs.

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TPC Systems and Accutech Security Systems

Accutech Security has entered into a formal partnership with TPC Systems for the distribution of the Cuddles infant protection solution throughout Connecticut and the Northeast.

Accutech Security is a leading manufacturer in electronic monitoring and security systems and has more than 5,000 active installations worldwide. TPC Systems has offered life safety systems like nurse call, infant protection, fire alarm, and access control for over 85 years.

TPC has dominated the Connecticut market by integrating reporting analysis with their solution offering. This important data provides hospitals with valuable information on improving efficiencies and outcomes.

“The top two reasons we chose to switch to the Cuddles infant protection solution are that it greatly reduces alarm fatigue and we love the feel and functionality of the Cuddles band,” stated Tom Cafora, owner of TPC Systems.

The Cuddles band is soft and automatically adjusts for postpartum weight loss in the infant, eliminating “too loose” alarms.

“Our sales team’s biggest concern is patient safety, which is why they don’t want the infant security system to use the hospital’s Wi-Fi,” stated TPC’s Business Development Director, Fred Paoletti.

TPC is not alone in its desire to protect its clients. With competitive infant systems moving to Wi-Fi models in favor of offering enterprise RTLS solutions, many dealers are finding it necessary to provide a solution that doesn’t open the system up to vulnerabilities that are inherent with Wi-Fi technology.

“We are excited to welcome TPC Systems to the Accutech family of authorized dealers,” said Josh Williams, President for Accutech Security. “TPC’s reputation in the Connecticut market is second to none and their commitment to extraordinary customer service mirrors Accutech’s dedication to the end-user.”

About TPC Systems

TPC Systems is a full-service systems integration and communication technology solution provider serving customers in the healthcare, education, commercial, and institutional markets. For over 85 years, TPC Systems has provided full project life cycle services including system planning, project management, installation, training and maintenance, and unmatched technical support with their on-call staff that is available 24/7, allowing customers to always speak with a live person.

About Accutech Security

Founded in 1985, Accutech Security is a leading manufacturer of advanced electronic monitoring and security systems, marketed and sold under the Accutech brand. Accutech’s specialized security systems are actively installed in more than 5,000 healthcare facilities across the world. As a leading manufacturer of security systems for over 35 years, Accutech continues to provide innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for the safety of babies, patients, and residents worldwide.