Case Study: Mohegan Sun

Created by the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut in 1996, Mohegan Sun is one of the most unique casino/resorts in the world. The recently completed $1 billion expansion, includes a 1176 room hotel, 10,000 seat arena and a 100,000 square foot convention center. No longer just a gaming destination, Mohegan Sun has evolved into a world-class resort.

TPC Smarts. Solid Edwards Technology.

The resorts’ massive expansion forced a review of all key life safety systems and their associated providers. When the original infrastructure proved to have significant survivability and service issues, Mohegan Sun looked for a more robust and scalable solution. Enter TPC Associates, along with Edwards Systems Technology’s (EST) EST3 platform.

The EST-based solution that TPC engineered evolved into one of the largest life safety installations in the US, networking systems together that each included over 14,000 addressable points. Tied together with a fiber-optic backbone, the life safety platform integrates tightly with a massive HVAC system, using thousands of real-time sensors to monitor such important information as damper and fan status throughout the entire network.

Monitored by EST’s FireWorks System Monitoring and Management computers, Mohegan Sun’s life safety personnel have extraordinary system-wide information at their finger tips, all delivered in clear, understandable language. FireWorks gives the resort’s staff the right level of information when it’s needed without too much information that could be distracting in the event of an emergency.

World-class Technologies. Professional, Attentive and Proactive Local Service.

A venue as large and sophisticated as Mohegan Sun needs an extremely high level of systems integration. Mohegan Sun was looking for a provider that would have the right technology, superior project management and the creative engineering necessary to tackle complex design and implementation issues. TPC is proving to be the right provider for Mohegan Sun.

With TPC as a life safety partner, Mohegan Sun not only gets the world-class technologies it requires, but local service that is timely and proactive. You can count on the same intelligent and attentive service on your next project.