Advanced Reporting/Analytics

It’s Hard to Analyze What You Don’t Know

Patient care generates massive amounts of clinical and situational information – alerts, alarms and notifications. Within this constant data flow are crucial insights that can be used to improve quality, reduce risk, optimize processes, research incidents and much more. The problem many hospitals face is turning that information into simple, easy to understand actionable data.

Transform Patient Alarm Data into Actionable Big Data

The CareSight data engine consumes information from virtually any patient care system or device, including nurse call, patient monitoring, phone and other communication systems, real time location and many others. Our reporting engine delivers clinical, quality, risk and nursing executive managers with data they want to see and expert staff to help evaluate what it means.

Correlating Events Improves Outcomes

CareSight filters and personalizes patient monitoring, nurse call, and other device alert and alarm data into the form of dashboards, graphs, charts and tables that can be tailored to individual roles – presenting only the information that is relevant to your needs and expediting necessary actions to drive desired behaviors. With the assistance of our clinical specialists and data analysts, nursing managers, CNOs and other healthcare management can quickly recognize changes in alarm type, frequency, duration and response times, measured against organizational goals.

The Right Data Any Time

The CareSight solution assists with the improvement of healthcare performance management and can push personalized reports directly to managers and leadership via email on a predefined schedule (by shift, daily, weekly, monthly, etc…) requiring no user intervention at all. Customized reports are available on-demand via the CareSight help desk and clinical support team.

Rapid Deployment

CareSight is powered by a secure cloud-based patient care intelligence platform. The result is rapid deployment without draining scarce IT resources. The CareSight team works with you to define the data, filters and presentation preferences that best highlight the key information you want, when you want it.

Find Out More

Developed by TPC’s sister company, Connecticut-based T2 Technical services, CareSight is the culmination of 14-years of ongoing work with customers on clinical alarm integration, mobile communications, and nursing analytics. CareSight’s clinical team and robust reporting tools bring vital information to hospital customers who rely on accurate and reliable information from key hospital system manufacturers such as Rauland-Borg, Vocera Communications, Ascom, and Connexall. Contact us today to schedule a demo.