Rauland-Borg’s Responder Family of Products

voip_consoleTPC designs, installs, and supports Rauland-Borg’s Responder nurse call platform, including the newly released Responder Enterprise, Responder 5, and Responder 5000.  Always a marketing leading solution, today Rauland systems can be found in upwards of 60% of new or renovated hospital installations in the US.

Engineered to support the changing communication needs of healthcare facilities, Responder links the capabilities of wireless technology–wireless phones and pocket pagers, with traditional communications vehicles, such as nurse call bed stations and nurse consoles, so caregivers can be proactive, attentive and efficient. With Responder, hospital staff can reach each other, attend to their patients from anywhere in the hospital and respond to outside calls–quickly and easily. Responder’s automatic call routing and forwarding features ensure that no call goes unanswered.

Responder 5

list_viewWith Responder 5 the right person gets the right call at the right time. Calls coming from a patient can be relayed directly to the nurse’s wireless phone or pager – real time. Nurses can consult with other staff members or with physicians – direct contact. Best of all, this nurse call system is quiet – which promotes a healing stress free environment.

Responder 5 use is intuitive – so training staff is easy. With one touch of a button a nurse can be reached, a call can be forwarded or canceled, and a nurse can contact other hospital staff. Sign on and off duty takes only seconds – promoting efficiency. Everything about Responder 5 relieves nurses from wasted effort, so they can spend more time on what matters most – quality patient care.

With Responder 5, the push of one button in surgery can tell environmental services to clean the room, central supply to stock supplies, and the PACU that a patient is coming from surgery. Because the system integrates with other technologies (such as wireless phones and pagers), staff can work more efficiently and effectively.

Responder 5 connects patients to staff by linking the capabilities of the latest wireless technology with traditional “nurse call” equipment. Responder 5 is designed to fit each hospital’s environment. Our certified distributors understand hospital systems and processes and make Responder work to its greatest advantage in each case. They will work to customize Responder 5 to fit your call process so the system works like you do.

  • True VoIP Integration
  • Eliminates the paper trail
  • Audio in the bath station
  • Simple implentation with low demand on IT staff

Responder 5000

Responder 5000 is designed specifically for the needs of the entire spectrum of healthcare facilities – from hospitals to independent and assisted living environments –Responder 5000 offers more features and value than any other communications system.

Responder 5000 streamlines communication among staff and patients so your facility can deliver the best possible care. It takes the guesswork out of patient calls and makes your caregivers’ tasks a little easier – providing a critical staff and staffing benefit.

Customized to Meet Your Needs, Today and Tomorrow
Responder 5000 offers your facility many, if not all, of the features of far more expensive acute-care communications systems.

Room stations offer voice and non-voice options, as well as traditional code blue, push for help, and resident check-in. You’ll also find an impressive selection of staff stations – including staff call, duty station, staff registration and staff assist.  Accessories include bright LED corridor lights, pillow speakers, call cords – a whole menu of components designed to tailor Responder 5000 to your specific needs.

  • Expandable and scalable; designed for today and tomorrow
  • Communication consoles and annunciate panels
  • Wide range of speech and non-speech room stations
  • Staff call, staff registration, staff assist and duty stations
  • Pillow speakers, LED corridor lights, and accessories
  • Wireless pendants and patient wandering systems