Our Solutions

Clinical Life Safety and workflow solutions

TPC features the market leading Rauland-Borg Responder platform as the flagship of it’s healthcare communication and workflow technologies. Rauland’s Responder nurse call platform’s flexibility makes it easier for you to deliver the highest quality patient care. Whether you choose to rely on Responder’s core capabilities for basic patient staff communication, or link to wireless technologies (phones and pagers, locating systems), or integrate with electronic staffing and reporting systems, Responder can be configured to meet your organization’s unique working style.

Wireless Communication

Featuring integrated voice and messaging solutions, TPC deploys robust, clinical-grade handset specifically designed for harsh environments where a high level of security is required. Ascom solutions seamlessly integrate personal security, voice communication and messaging, offering a three-in-one solution of personal alarm functions, advanced messaging and highly versatile voice communications. It ensures easy and reliable access to vital information from clinical information systems, nurse call systems, patient monitoring systems as well as communication with other users.

Pediatric and Patient Security

As the leading regional provider of Accutech Cuddles worldwide leading infant and pediatric security technology. TPC’s pediatric and infant security solutions prevent the unauthorized exit while allowing open access to your staff and visitors. If an abductor with an infant attempts to exit through a protected doorway it can be locked down. No alarm will sound until the door is breached. And if anyone tries to remove or tamper with the baby’s ankle band transmitter, it sounds an alarm and gives you the option to lock down the area, giving patients another layer of vital protection.

Fire Alarm/Life Safety

TPC is Connecticut’s leading life safety integration provider. As an Edwards Strategic Partner, TPC can provide you with reliable and technically superior solutions for your facility or campus. For more than 40 years, we have been providing our customers with the best in fire and smoke detection and the preventative and comprehensive maintenance programs that are essential for upkeep and compliance.

Preventative Maintenance

Your life safety systems are the cornerstone of total building safety. Our complete NFPA compliant testing and inspection services are the starting points for a preventative maintenance program that can expose system problems before they result in system failures. From visual inspection, to functional testing and performance evaluation, we have the service package that you need.

Professional Audio/Video applications

For facilities through the region, TPC is a trusted provider of professional audio, video and specialty communications products and services. TPC’s product specialists and engineers can provide you with the unique applications necessary for your facility. Whether you are planning new construction or renovation, it is our job at TPC Systems to design the best possible audio/visual experience.

Integrated security: Access Control, Intrusion detection, and Video Surveillance

TPC can engineer solutions that brings together Fire, Security, Emergency Evacuation, Access Control and CCTV together into one cohesive system. Using our years of experience with both traditional and converged technologies, we can provide your organization with low-maintenance networked solutions that can cost-effectively replace your legacy systems.


TPC offers a broad range of life safety services and programs designed to meet the specific needs of each facility we service. Our highly trained staff can service all types of fire alarm, communication, nurse call and security systems, regardless of the size, complexity or system manufacturer.