Digital Interactive Whiteboards & Telemedicine

The Vizabli team along with TPC entered the market with a focus on providing innovative and simple technology solutions that ensure an optimal patient and family experience while giving countless hours back to the hospital staff.

Vizabli’s Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) combines traditional “patient engagement” services with solutions that deliver real-time information and connections to everyone involved in the patient journey, including clinicians, patients, and patient loved ones near and far.

ACES aggregates clinical data and securely delivers it to patient boards, door boards, nurse station board, and mobile applications.

Below is a closer look at some of the components of Vizabli’s Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES):

Patient Room Smartboard

The Patient Room Smartboard is an interactive, touch screen device mounted to the wall of the patient room, providing real-time data to clinicians, patients and visitors who are in the room. It can be configured horizontally or vertically. Capabilities / Features include:

  • Precaution Flags
  • Current Care Team
  • Last / Next Round
  • Next Medications
  • Pain Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • Discharge Goals
  • Daily Goals
  • Local Weather
  • Daily Schedule
  • PACS Image Viewer
  • Nurse Call Terminal
  • Rounding Workflow
  • Drawing Area
  • Tele-sitting
  • Tele-rounding
  • Education Delivery

…and more, plus custom created modules.

Door Smartboard

The Door Smartboard is a 10.1” touchscreen tablet with a 360 LED “halo” light ring that sits outside of the patient room and replaces the old door placards, providing the room number, patient name, precaution flags, and much more.

Nurse Station Smartboard

The Nurse Station Smartboard replaces the current dry erase census boards with an interactive, touchscreen display that pulls together real-time data from the EMR, Nurse Call, RTLS, Rounding, and other systems to provide a real-time view of the entire unit with no manual data entry and maintenance. Data such as:

  • Room
  • Bed
  • Patient Name / Sex
  • Care Team
  • Room Status
  • Nurse Call Alerts
  • Precaution Flags
  • Prescribed Video
  • Education Viewed

“TeamViz” Clinician App

Vizabli supports a number of different staff engagement devices, including Apple Tablets and Phones and Android Tablets and Phones. The “TeamViz” Clinician App is used as a mobile staff terminal and for rounding, pain assessment, and much more like:

  • Nurse Call Alerts
  • Patient Video Calling
  • Manage Patient Flags
  • Manage Room Status
  • Execute Rounding Script
  • Execute Workflows
  • View / Update Patient Chart
  • Set Public or Private Staff Notes
  • Prescribe Educational Content
  • View Staff Visit Log
  • Receive and View Messages