Environmental Monitoring Systems

environment monitoring systemsenvironment monitoring systems

environment monitoring systems

Whether you’re recording refrigerator temperature for vaccine storage or monitoring differential air pressure for a surgical suite, OneVue Sense puts you in touch with your environment.

Secure, state-of-the-art, wireless sensors continuously monitor conditions, such as freezer and refrigerator temperature, humidity and air pressure, water leak and contact closure, then communicate with our cloud-based OneVue software to log the data for compliance and administration and alert you if conditions warrant attention.

Make manual monitoring and data logging a thing of the past and create a safer and more efficient facility.

environment monitoring systems

Continuously monitor the temperature of important refrigerator and freezer assets like vaccines, blood and food storage

OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor

The OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor features enhanced communication and authentication protocols that meet today’s stringent IT security policies, and completely eliminates the need for manual monitoring and data logging. This wireless temperature sensor continuously safeguards valuable medications, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive assets.

Ambient Temperature and Humidity Sensors Monitor critical areas like operating rooms, data centers, patient areas and cafeterias to stay within regulated ranges

OneVue Sense Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Take the sweat out of temperature & humidity monitoring to create a safer, more comfortable environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Differential Air Pressure Sensors Monitor the air pressure differential between spaces like operating rooms, construction zones and quarantine areas

OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensor

Ultra-sensitive sensor continuously tracks and documents differential pressure, displaying measurements down to one-thousandths of an inch H2O.

Contact Closure Sensors Remotely detect if refrigerators, freezers, windows and doors are open or closed

OneVue Sense Contact Closure Sensor

Track access to rooms, cabinets, and cold storage to create a safer, more comfortable environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Water Leak Detectors Identify water and liquid leaks in low-traffic areas like basements and HVAC rooms before major damage is caused

OneVue Sense Water Leak Sensor

Protect your facility with networked leak detectors. Don’t let H2O ruin your day!

Eliminate Manual Recording

Automate daily reporting tasks and easily export reports for compliance and audits by pairing with OneVue Monitor

Protect Valuable Assets

Reduce the risk of losing vaccines, organs and tissues due to out of range refrigerator and freezer temperatures

Prevent Loss and Damage

Prevent unexpected, costly damage or loss through proactive alerts of high-risk conditions

Maintain Comfort

Keep staff, patients and visitors safe in your facility during procedures, weather events and construction

Maintain Compliance

Adhere to the accreditation requirements of the CDC, FDA, TJC and HCAHPS

Remote Access

Assess and troubleshoot alerts via the online platform without having to be on site

OneVue Monitor Software

Sensors are just one part of the environmental monitoring system, organizing data is where OneVue Monitor software is truly unique. OneVue Monitor is a cloud-based, web-accessible way to review the status of your devices, identify problems and demonstrate compliance with regulations.


OneVue Monitor keeps comprehensive monitoring data and reports at hand for easy access when you need them to demonstrate compliance to applicable regulations. With customizable, on-demand reports, staff can run reports as needed, rather than fussing with daily recordkeeping.


OneVue Sense environmental sensors are continually monitoring conditions which allows you to set custom threshold and alerting parameters, and be notified by call, text or email to address an out of range alert. With pre-programmed event codes and the ability to log alert responses in the software, you’ll have the information you need during audits and surveys.

Government Requirements

The OneVue Monitor platform meets or exceeds all requirements and recommendations of the CDC, FDA, TJC and other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), including FDA 21 CFR Part 11, for electronic records.