Infant and Patient Security

infant abduction

As part of our comprehensive healthcare portfolio, TPC features Accutech Cuddles infant protection system.

Every baby needs to be safe, secure, and well cared for. How can hospitals take their security and care to the next level? By using advanced technology, which gives nurses the flexibility they need to provide seamless care to patients while keeping your facility’s protected zones intact—ensuring that safety is never compromised.

  • PC Enhanced, not dependent
  • Operates at higher frequency = less noise and fewer false alarms than other manufacturers
  • Soft skin sensing self adjusting bands
  • No piggybacking concerns
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple reorder process
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • 15 second roll call alarm – in seconds, not minutes

Seamless care and uninterrupted security

There are many nuances and details when it comes to providing the proper care for patients, but health and safety will always be of utmost importance. Unfortunately, incidents can still occur and infant abductions are a very real threat. The right balance of security and accessibility will give your patients both the freedom and safety that they need.

What is available for your facility?
You want your facility to be a safe and positive environment for patients. With technology, you get peace-of-mind, safety, and flexibility. What technology is new to the market?

  • Stand alone systems that won’t go down even if your network does
  • Automatic tag transfers that allow nurses to focus more on patient care and less on administrative duties
  • Waterproof tags that will allow mothers to shower after giving birth without fear of condensation issues
  • Bands that can be used on babies of any size (preemies on up)—without false alarms or discomfort to the patient

THE TAG identifies each patient as they approach a transfer point (whether it’s a door, elevator, or stairway). Make sure your tag is reliable, easy to clean, and doesn’t come in contact with the baby’s skin.

THE BAND holds the tag in place. Make sure your bands are durable, but also comfortable for patients of any size. Bands should also be skin sensing, self-adjusting, and don’t cut the baby’s skin or hinder circulation.

DOOR CONTROLLERS will respond to the tag on each baby’s band. If the patient is cleared to exit, the doors will open. Otherwise an alarm will sound or the door will be locked.

TRANSFER POINTS can be configured based on each patient and can either permit a patient through or not. You can choose to have an alarm sound and lock down the perimeter, different units, or the entire building.

TAG TEST STATION can be used to view remaining battery life, tag notes, and run reports. These stations should be compatible with your facility’s current software to enhance efficiency.

Give your patients more freedom and allow nurses more flexibility when transporting patients—all while keeping everyone safe and comfortable.

Cuddles vs. Hugs

Cuddles Pulse

We are happy to officially announce that we have partnered with Accutech Security Systems to provide their Cuddles infant protection solution. In case you missed the announcement on our social media @tpcsystems, please see the press release linked here. As per our previous updates, we are still your local Stanley Hugs service company and will maintain your current Hugs system until replacement.