Infant and Patient Security

infant abductioninfant abduction

As part of our comprehensive healthcare portfolio, TPC features Accutech Cuddles infant protection system.

Accutech Cuddles prevents the unauthorized exit of infant and pediatric patients in your care while allowing open access to your staff and visitors. If an abductor with a child attempts to exit through a protected doorway it can be locked down. No alarm will sound until the door is breached. And if anyone tries to remove or tamper with the child’s ankle band transmitter, it sounds an alarm and gives you the option to lock down the area, giving patients another layer of vital protection.

  • Multiple Security Levels Ensure Reliability and System Integrity
  • Intuitive Interface

Our easy-to-use software gives quick at-a-glance status of all infants within the system.. Nurses love how easy it is to use the Cuddles software, leaving them more time to focus on patient care rather than system management.

infant abduction

  • Soft, Self-adjusting Bracelet

Nurses and patients alike love our soft, self-adjusting bracelets. The tag never touches the baby’s sensitive skin, while ensuring that it remains secure during those early days when the infant’s weight fluctuates. The tag’s pulsing red light also provides nursing staff with a visual indication that the tag is active. Bracelet tampering immediately alerts hospital staff and generates a perimeter lock-down to secure the patient. Our customers count on our patented, reliable technology to prevent abductions and ensure the safety of their patients every day.

infant abduction

  • Reduction in False Alarms

While other systems frequently set off false alarms due to ambient noise such as cell phones, lighting ballasts and floor buffers, the Cuddles system uses a unique RFID technology, data filtering, and changing exciter frequencies to identify and eliminate potential noise issues. Accutech is proud to be a technology leader with Cuddles providing the lowest false alarm rates in the industry.

  • Easy-to-use Tag Activator/De-activator

The ID-TAD (Identification-Tag Activator/De-activator) is a hand-held device that brings additional functionality to the Cuddles system. Nurses can turn tags on/off, verify tag numbers, review warranty dates and check remaining battery life from the LCD screen. When coupled with mother tags, the ID-TAD brings mother/baby matching technology to the Cuddles infant protection system.

infant abduction

Cuddles vs. Hugs

More Information

We are happy to officially announce that we have partnered with Accutech Security Systems to provide their Cuddles infant protection solution. In case you missed the announcement on our social media @tpcsystems, please see the press release linked here. As per our previous updates, we are still your local Stanley Hugs service company and will maintain your current Hugs system until replacement.