Fire Alarm Testing & Preventative Maintenance

fire alarms testing

TPC’s service department consists of factory trained technicians that provide prompt, reliable and professional services for your life safety systems.

A test and inspection service contract ensures that your system is tested according to NFPA and local codes and requirements.  The Building Reports bar coding system provides the required reports upon completion of the testing.

fire alarms testing fire alarms testing

Compliance Is Not A Choice

That’s why hundreds of thousands of facilities trust Building Reports.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Technology

Experience inspection technology that delivers convenience, compliance and verifiable results all in one innovative solution. Leveraging Building Reports’ innovative digital reporting and point-and-scan mobile device technology, we deliver the industry’s most comprehensive inspection reports in real time via our online portal. Authorized stakeholders can access the reports any time from any device with an internet connection, and even review discrepancies, approve repairs or replacement, and schedule service calls.

Robust Reports, When and How You Need Them

With Building Reports’ digital inspection technology, we deliver comprehensive inspections that are fully
documented in compliance with NFPA and regulatory standards.

  • Provides inspection reports with device-level detail
  • Audit trail of prior inspection reports for multiple years for AHJ/Fire Marshal comparison, including quarterly reports for accredited healthcare agencies
  • Full code explanations included for devices with discrepancies
  • Comprehensive database of nearly every form required for compliance purposes, including
    custom options

Secure, Verifiable Data

Building Reports independently verifies service provider’s certifications, licenses, insurances, affiliations, and distributorships so Building Owners don’t have to. Additional verification features providing valuable insight and business intelligence include:

  • Inspection date and time stamps for each device
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Statistical analysis on each device such as decibel levels and water pressure
  • Recommended actions needed to meet compliance requirements

fire alarms testing


  • Real-time, verifiable, device-level inspection reports available 24/7; know exactly what was inspected and when with detailed test results
  • Embedded references to NFPA and CMS accredited agency codes and standards
  • Complete fire and life safety service forms library, including the ability to scan in paper forms for use and customize/create new ones
  • Provide easy access for authorized stakeholders, including AHJs
  • Integrated fire and life safety service management suite to manage repairs, replacements and service calls, all from within the online report

The Building Reports Advantage

Now you can maximize efficiency, save money and reduce risk by managing critical inspection data with Building Reports’ detailed online reports. Building Reports puts information at your fingertips. Just login to your secure account and review your report, authorize repairs, manage inventory and view inspections. Your information is accessible whenever and wherever you need it and immediately available to print for binder insertion when required.