K-12 & Campus Intercom

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Smart Response

school intercom system

Immediate and clear communication to both staff and students during an emergency is the most important action a school can take when faced with any type of emergency. Telecenter U enables you to automate all emergency notification so that the message you practice is the message delivered during an actual emergency. Whether you’re facing a lockdown, weather emergency, medical emergency or anything else, Telecenter U ensures that the message is communicated immediately and reliably.

Critical Notifications for a Wide Range of Emergencies

  • Initiate emergency notifications district-wide, simultaneously from a web interface
  • Track which classrooms are checked in safe and which aren’t during emergencies
  • Customize each emergency response with audio tones, emails, visual messaging and more for each facility’s unique need

Emergency sequences initiated from a phone, mobile app, web browser or panic button allow for an immediate customized response.


Event Management

Smart Schedules

school intercom system

Students, teachers, staff and parents depend on schedules for a smooth school day, and Telecenter U makes managing those schedules virtually effortless. Telecenter systems make time management easy, from ringing bells to synchronizing clocks. Manage every schedule for every school from anywhere on your network.

Scheduled Communications Made Easy

  • Class change tones
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Playing of music in hallways before and after school and during passing periods
  • Holidays, snow days and other school closings
  • Adapted schedules (half-day, assemblies, etc.)
  • Daylight saving time

Bells and clocks both synchronized to your network time. Calendar and schedules easily managed, school by school or centrally, from an easy web browser interface.


Everyday Communication

Smart Days

school intercom system

Daily communications, including morning announcements and front office to classroom conversations, are simple and easy with Telecenter U. Live paging from phones, consoles, and microphones make communicating with your school and district simple.

Communicate Daily Operations Messages

  • Morning announcements and after hours messaging
  • Manage multi-school campuses with ease
  • Route internal communications to the right people
  • Classroom call buttons allow teachers to get assistance without disturbing teaching

Fully integrated system with paging, intercom, bells, and clocks keeping every day running smoothly.

One Network Solution: Multiple Migration Options

From the district office to each and every classroom, your facilities benefit from a network-based platform design by connecting your universe with Telecenter U — while still keeping the specific needs of your schools in mind. Telecenter U works with your data network, providing a seamless communications solution for every school and every system in your district — from IP addressable speakers in classrooms to a web-based user interface.

Flexible Migration Options

1. Overlay to your legacy systems

Telecenter U allows your school district to invest in future communications technologies for the district over time. Rauland’s solution enhances existing legacy paging and intercom systems with district-wide emergency communications and management. Leverage your installed systems and infrastructure with Telecenter U for district-wide communications that include web-based bell scheduling and district-wide lockdowns.

2. Hybrid without network upgrades

Telecenter U can help your school district achieve seamless, district-wide integrations with a complete critical communications solution — without upgrading the entire network infrastructure. The Rauland solution allows you to replace existing paging and intercom systems while reusing as much infrastructure as possible — delivering a complete critical communications solution.

3. Full IP solution

School districts can now manage district-wide and local emergency communications through your network without the need to install older analog-style wiring. Rauland’s Telecenter U design delivers a complete network-based solution for all of your critical communications. The Telecenter U solution is IP compatible, using existing network infrastructure to deliver a best-in-class solution for handling emergencies, events and everyday communications.

4. Visual Communication

Visual communications can be added to Telecenter U, enhancing all system notification with status lights and message boards. Whether you’re using an Overlay, Hybrid, or Full-IP solution, Visual Communications adds another layer to the Telecenter U solution in managing your emergencies, events, and every day communication.

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